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A Whole New World

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interesting [19 Apr 2004|12:19pm]

“The Diverse Face of Asians and Pacific Islanders in Los Angeles County”, released by the Asian Pacific American Legal Center and the United Way, is available online.

an excerpt from the reportCollapse )
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[30 Dec 2003|05:31pm]

quote of the day:

What I'm hoping to do is to change the culture, change how we interact with black males. To the extent we can succeed, perhaps the model can be used by others.
- Edison O. Jackson, President, Medgar Evers College from New York Times front page article "Colleges Struggle to Help Black Men Stay Enrolled" December 30, 2003

from the article...

some of the most challenging obstacles facing black men in college today are:

  1. Poor education before college

  2. Low expectations from teachers and others

  3. Lack of black male role models

  4. Dropout rate from high schools

  5. Their own low aspirations

as for AWNW (Adub), we ought to commission ourselves to the occupations of encouragers, facilitators, and catalysts for others' improvement and for social change.

other suggested reading:

"Minorities, Women Gain Professionally" Washington Post front page article 12/30/03
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progress report [25 Nov 2003|12:17pm]

program director's meeting yesterday was very productive. we realized that we definitely need to talk to a lawyer and an accountant. forms, forms, forms!

next steps:
obtaining an EIN
obtaining business licenses
deciding on a board of directors

i'm excited and i'm really really really looking foward to getting certified in diversity training!!!
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[17 Nov 2003|09:09am]

I had an interesting conversation w/one of my cousin's yesterday.

Just to give you some background info on her: she's 24, born and brought up in India, currently enrolled in a PhD program for chemistry at U of Pittsburgh, she's been in the U.S for only 3 months, most of the people she interacts w/are her professors and classmates she knew from college in India.

Me: Have you made any new friends?

Cuz: Not really. I've mostly been hanging out w/my Indian friends. I have met a few Native Americans, though.

Me: Native Americans?

Cuz: Oh...umm...what do you call U.S. citizens?

Me: Oh, you mean "Americans"? "Native Americans" are Indians

Cuz: Oh, so Native Americans are "Red" Indians?

Me: Aye! You shouldn't use the term "Red" when referring to an Indian or Native American. It's degrading word.

Cuz: Really?! That's how we referred to them in school and in our books. Okay, so what do I call Chinese or Japanese or an Indian, like yourself, born in the U.S?

Me: Either call us "American" or "Asian-American".

Cuz: Goodness! So many terms. I think I need some type of reference book to read up on. I hope I haven't insulted anyone since I've been here.

Me: laughs Don't worry about it. It's all a learning process. Just give it some time. But please make an effort to meet people outside of your Indian circle. This is a chance for you to learn from other cultures and meet some great people.

Cuz: I know. I've already decided to hang out w/my friends less and meet more people.

Me: Cool.
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logo [12 Nov 2003|09:28pm]

now, when i post to awnw, it'll look like this. how do ya like the for-the-meantime-logo? i designed it my-amateur-self, so be nice.

suggestions for future logos are welcome.
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[11 Nov 2003|11:24pm]

"People are like laundry. The whites are usually with the white. The colors are usually with the colors. And both are being separated by the Asians." - AA
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[09 Nov 2003|09:36pm]


i was doing my usual stroll around barnes & noble today when i came across the cultural studies section. i was suprised to see an admirable subsection of indian literature. then it came to me. most of these books were about native americans, not indians. ok, what the fuck.

isn't that...wrong? fuck columbus. erikson found north america first. he da man.
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[09 Nov 2003|10:15am]
another encouraging evening. praise god. so, the theme of this year's cipher was identity. i don't know how that EN Flow cat fit in the show, but whatever. his performance incited feelings of disgust and embarassment... yo, dude, you cannot flow. tsk, tsk. ew. okay, moving on... so, salem high school's FACS was extraordinary, especially their last piece inspired by Stomp. fantastic and unique way of depicting the multiple waves of filipino american immigrants arriving in the US over centuries.. awesome! marco... marvelous. 'nuff said. godchild's intermittent moments of spoken word were entertaining and enlightening. ahhhh... SLANT! pardon my ghetto vernacular: they was off the shizzle fo' hizzle my nizzle!

what astounded me most... was their creative and novel storytelling abilities. their pieces were informative and provocative. utilizing various mediums, they composed a performance that touched the mind and heart. i wonder how emulating their multi-layer delivery of asian american history would fare in the classroom setting (for AWNW). man... first, music... second, visual art... third, performance art and theatre... goodness, is AWNW blessed or what????

the fact that all of these talented artists have sought these present avenues to express their emotions about their own histories and asian american history in general... i find that the need for AWNW is growing ever more apparent. what's significant to understand is that these artists are not only conveying anger, pain, and sadness from the actual historical events... but, their works consistently speak a lamentation of having learned this history and culture through sources outside of our american educational institutions.

yes, yes... we have a storytelling tradition... passing down morsels of previous lives over generations... but, when these voices die... who shall speak for them? and, guess who i think should...

go AWNW.
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parental solitaire [09 Nov 2003|03:28am]

[ mood | sad ]

it still kills me to think about last week .. when my mother told me "your going back to yourself jillian!!" and meant it in a bad way... it felt like she was judging me for doing what i want and not telling her right away...
i'm fucking 22 years old...is there any way we can make our immigrant-parents/families more aware and understanding of the american culture their children is and has been growing up in??? it kills to think that they don't realize i've given up a lot of my 'life' for them... i feel like they're holding me down.. and just when i'm about to break free, soon something else swoops down and farts in my face.. it's bullshit sometimes.. am i making sense?

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dollar store.... [07 Nov 2003|05:48pm]

this is my sharing is caring time...

upon arriving to the dollar store... this lil black boy looks at me and pulls the corner of his eyes and starts to chant ching chong chang... initially i was offended but i laughed and patted his head... replying... arent u juss a cute thing... and told him that wasnt a nice thing to do to people he doesnt know... and walked off... he looked surprise and ran to his mother...

normally... i would have given him and his mother a piece of my mind... goin on and on about how im not chinese and blah blah... but i figured if got defensive then that would defeat the whole AWNW purpose...i mean did i do the rite thing???
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exotic = "other" [07 Nov 2003|01:13pm]

i did some customer service today at work and before the elderly gentleman left he asked, "excuse me, but where are you from becaase you look so exotic?"

it's been a while since the last time someone commented on me looking exotic. whenever i get that particular comment i'm flattered for 1/2 a millisecond because to me exotic= "sexy" but then with a quickness exotic= "other" and essentially other= "not from here" and then i get upset. i still remember a previous boyfriend of mine telling me how beautiful i was and how he couldn't stop looking at me and when i asked why he said it was because i looked exotic. yeh. ms. jekyl came out and i gave him a big lecture on how the exotification of asian women is detrimental because it perpetuates stereotypes and consequently perpetuates oppression. i'm thinking this is probably why i haven't gotten many compliments from boyfriends. hehehehe.
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[06 Nov 2003|09:25pm]
i suppose i shall be the first to post and inaugurate this community into the wonderful world of blogging. here goes my pseudo-intellectual rant...

when cultural artifacts are packaged and marketed to the american masses, does the cultural value of the representative culture diminish in the eyes of society at large? par example: buddhist meditation beads, jade ornaments, baby tees adorned with chinese characters,... the r.kelly toing-toinga video. i liken the phenomenon to selling sex and the objectification of women.

conversely, america has become a brand of its own. we can continue the conversation into... fuck a ford, buy a beamer... sony vaios versus dell latitudes... am i making sense? i dunno. hooray for ranting!
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