fnord (onoudidnt) wrote in awnw,

exotic = "other"

i did some customer service today at work and before the elderly gentleman left he asked, "excuse me, but where are you from becaase you look so exotic?"

it's been a while since the last time someone commented on me looking exotic. whenever i get that particular comment i'm flattered for 1/2 a millisecond because to me exotic= "sexy" but then with a quickness exotic= "other" and essentially other= "not from here" and then i get upset. i still remember a previous boyfriend of mine telling me how beautiful i was and how he couldn't stop looking at me and when i asked why he said it was because i looked exotic. yeh. ms. jekyl came out and i gave him a big lecture on how the exotification of asian women is detrimental because it perpetuates stereotypes and consequently perpetuates oppression. i'm thinking this is probably why i haven't gotten many compliments from boyfriends. hehehehe.
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